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At Pro Health Medical Group we implement the use of the finest state-of-the-art equipment, including electrical muscle stimulators and inferential current therapy, two highly effective forms of physical therapy which will literally assist in bringing your muscles ‘back to life’. You will receive guided exercise assistance which is tailored to fit your unique individual needs, and all of the therapy forms we offer are conducted by the very best, most attentive professional physical therapists and doctors in the business. If you are looking forward to a pain-free, mobile life you could not choose a better physical therapy clinic than Pro Health Medical Group, so find out how they can treat your needs today!

Pro Health Medical Group makes only the very best therapy forms available to each and every patient they see. This ensures you will get the proper attention and care to get yourself on your feet and back on top of life again. You will find each and every treatment form is not only safe, but highly beneficial to your need. Discover what it is like to be treated by the very best physical therapy clinic in Skokie, IL. Get in touch with the caring professionals at Pro Health Medical Group as soon as possible, and begin to feel like yourself again.